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Bespoke Grafting service

Fruitscape offers a bespoke grafting service whereby you can preserve a fruit tree that is close to your heart. So if tou have:‐

  • a fruit tree that is very old and on its last legs or
  • about to loose a tree because of building work or
  • about to move house and want to take it to your new home or
  • would like a particular variety that you cannot get hold of

then Fruitscape's Bespoke Grafting Service could assist.

What does grafting a fruit tree involve ?

As fruit trees do not grow true to type from seed and it is difficult to get cuttings to root consistantly, it is necessary to propogate them differently. Grafting involves taking a piece of wood from one tree and attaching it to a rootstock. For fruit trees grafting is traditionally done in late February and into March.

If you are trying to preserve a tree, in January collect a piece of last seasons new growth, ideally of pencil thinckness. The wood should then be placed in a plastic bag and kept cool, such as in the salad draw of the fridge.

Interested in having a tree grafted?

Please contact Fruitscape  to discuss your requirements.