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Planting a fruit tree.

Here we consider planting a fruit tree as a bare root plant. The best trees come from bare roots, rather than container grown plants. Planting takes place when the tree is dormant, typically between November and March

Having considered the issues from the design phase, ground preparation made good then you are ready to plant. We would encourage you not to dig the holes in advance, but to do so at the time of planting

When growing as a free standing tree, the tree should be staked for the first five years. Select a stake of around 75-100mm diameter, round stakes are stronger than their equivalent square.    Dig a square hole approximately twice the width of the rootball (providing the ground has been prepared as outlined)driving the stake into the ground 1/3rd of its length (eg. if the height above ground is 90cm/3ft there would be 45cm/18 inches in the ground) in the centre of the hole.

The vast majority of fruit trees are grafted and the graft union should be at least 15-20cm above the soil level. This is to stop the variety growing on its own roots and loosing the benefit of the rootstock. We would encourage you to multch your trees, which is why our trees are grafted higher.

Align the tree so that is sheltered by the stake from the prevailing wind. Orientate the tree to best place it and back fill (you may wish to incorporate some phosphate in the form of bone meal or rock phosphate to promote root growth.)

Water in well and keep moist during the summer