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The Composphere

Many a gardener will tell you that to get a good crop you need a good soil, adding compost is one way of improving your soil.

Traditionally a compost heap would have been used to break down any organic matter, but there is a risk of rodents taking residence and some schools have had to remove their compost bins as a result.
Yorkshire made, from 100% Recycled, UV protected plastic, the Composphere solves this problem as it is enclosed with no easy points of entry. The Composphere has a 315 litre capacity and can be rolled around the garden. This speeds up the composting process by aerating material inside when rolled. Access is via an easy to use twist-lid.

Photograph of the composhere as delivered in two havles

The Composphere is delivered in two halves along with the lid and plastic screws.Photograph of the composhere screw pack

A handy tip - to help align the holes put a mark opposite the hole. You only need to fasten the wing nuts until they are finger tight. Do not over tighten.

The assembled Composphere is ready for use. 

Composting is a natural process. Organic materials such as leaves, grass and vegetable scraps are broken down by microorganisms, forming a rich soil-like substance called compost or humus.  The heat generated in the composphere along with the aeration created by the tumbling increases the rate of decomposition.

A good mix consists of three parts "browns" (materials such as dead leaves, finely chopped woody materials, straw, shredded paper, pine needles, wood shavings from pet bedding are all materials that are high in carbon) and one part "greens" (such as fresh grass clippings, vegetable peelings and garden prunings are all high in nitrogen). It is not always possible to get a perfect mix but as a minimum achieve a one part brown to one part green mix.

The Composphere is priced at £89.85 available from Fruitscape.


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This product was added to our catalog on 13th July 2011