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Malus domestica Bramley's Seedling

  • Availability:            Click for details
  • Introduced:            1865
  • Origin:                     Southwell, Nottinghamshire
  • Use:                         Culinary
  • Pollination Group:   3
  • Pick:                         mid October
  • Season:                    November - March
  • This apple was raised between 1809 and 1813 by Miss Mary Anne Brailsford and planted in her garden at Church Street, Southwell, Nottingham. Her cottage, along with the tree, passed to a Mr Bramley a local butcher, who offered the tree for sale to Henry Merryweather . Considered by many as The cooking apple because of its ability to fall to a brisk puree. Those new to growing fruit are often surprised at the colour that a Northern grown bramley aquires. Many supermarket Bramley's are picked early in the season, when still green, which allows for commercial storage of wover 12 months. When stored domestically, the fruit mellows and looses its acidity.