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Fruitscape attends various events providing a fruit expert along with a display of seasonal fruits.
Below are details of some of the fruits displayed and their availability.


Strawberries are grouped into categories according to when they fruit.

    Early Summer - Mid June to Mid July
  • Mid Summer - one week later
  • Late Summer - Throughout July
  • Perpetual - Give a light early summer crop followed by a succession of berries from mid August to October

Examples include:-

  • Early Summer - Mae, Darlisette , Honeoye
  • Mid Summer - Cambridge Favourite, Elsanta, Hapil, Darselect, Sonata, Marshmello
  • Late Summer - Everest, Florence, Sophie
  • Perpetual - Albion, Flamenco, Mara des Bois
The species Strawberries, Fragaria, are good for groundcover; their fruits are smaller than the modern commercial varieties and have a more intense flavour. F. vesca - wild strawberry F. alba - white strawberry F. viridis - green strawberry


Species types are raised from seed or by division. Modern types produce runners made by the parent plant as fruiting comes to an end. They do not come true from seed.

Where to plant

Well drained soil - they do not like waterlogged soils. Do not plant where potatoes, tomatoes or aubergine grew in the previous year. They need 8 hours sunlight per day.

Soil Preparation

In the open ground, strawberries will last for 3-4 years. Preparing the ground is important. Clear perennial weeds and make ground fertile. Strawberries are hungry plants and like plenty of feed, if planting in the open ground incorporate well rotted manure at the rate of 14lb per square yard. If impeded drainage is an issue, grow on raised ridges. Before planting lightly rake in 3oz per square yard of Growmore

Under construction - Cultivar list being compiled

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