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Talks available from Fruitscape

If your garden club, horticultural society or group is looking for a horticultural speaker, on a fruit related topic, Clifford delivers the talks below, typically lasting 1hr 15 /30mins plus Q & A, but can be adjusted to your needs.

Talks supported by digital slide show, own equipment (except screen) provided.

Getting the best out of your apple trees

The challenges faced by Northern fruit growers can be demanding, from a short season, spring frosts or the effects of altitude. During the talk details of what cultural practices can be undertaken to get the best from your apple, or pear, trees.

Fruit growing in the North of England

Conversations with some would lead you to conclude that it isn 't possible to grow fruit in the North. This talk debunks that myth and looks at the vast array of soft and top fruit that can be successfully grown in the North

Northern Apples

Attending Apple Days it is atestiment to the growers to see such a range of varieties. This talk provisdes an overview of the apples grown in Yorkshire / East Midlands, with specific reference to apples of local provenance.

The Pears of Cannon Hall

In the walled garden of Cannon Hall at Cawthorne, Barnsley grow a collection of espalier pear trees. The talk looks as the cultivars grown and some of the history to the garden.

Growing fruit in confined spaces

When gardeners are asked " Do you grow fruit? " the reply often is " No, I have no room for a fruit tree ". It is possible to grow trees in a restricted form, in containers or in the ground. This talk highlights some of the ways fruit can be grown and how to care for the plants.

Pruning fruit trees - where to start.

Fruit tree pruning is a subject that strikes confusion in to many people because their trees do not look like the books. The aim of the talk is to provide some guidance as to the why 's and how to 's of pruning fruit trees.

Low input fruit growing

A talk developed for Transitions Leicester, who wanted a talk on coping with climate change and moving out of an oil based economy, with regards to growing fruit. Here we look at the sustainable practices that can be used to maintain fertility and control pests and diseases

An Introduction to Apple Identification

As you grow apples, people expect that you can recognise them all. Unfortunately as growing conditions, style of tree, the season all have an effect along with the fact that there are coming on for 3000 named cultivars of apples grown in the UK. So how can you tell them apart? The talk provides an overview of the subject, including traditional and modern scientific methods.

Dealing with common pest and diseases of fruit trees

Some people are fortunate enough to have a fruit tree in their garden, but are faced with fruit that is disfigured. This talk aims to show what the problem is and strategies for helping control the problem. Covers conventional and organic techniques.

Grafting fruit trees - a demonstration

As fruit trees do not grow true from seed, nor do they consistently root from cuttings, consequently it is necessary to graft them. Grafting is a techniq. ue that has been around for many years, it was known to the Ancient Chinese and the Romans. Bench grafting of fruit trees is performed when the rootstocks are dormant. Consequently this talk is only available during February to early April.


Strawberries the quintesential summer fruit. Grown by many by just popping them in and allowing them to for a carpet and left to fruit year after year. Yet with some basic care and when offered some space the can offer a greater reward. The talk highlights cultivars, their cultural habits and suitability for the home gardener. Also covered is a potted history of the Strawberry and their cultivation in containers.


Costing a couple of pound for a small punnet causes people to think that Blueberries must be a difficult or tender plant to grow. The reality is further from the truth. Selecting the correct growing medium and understanding the growth habit of these bushes makes you realise how suitable they are for the garden, offering ornamental and fruitful benefits.

If you would like to book a talk please contact Fruitscape to discuss your requirements.