Growing fruit is at the heart of Fruitscape providing expert services with regards to the pruning, care and maintenance of tree and soft fruit as well as the supply of plants.

Fruitscape also encourages the growing of fruit through talks to garden clubs & horticultural societies, events and exhibitions to individuals of all ages.

As gardeners may people tend to banish edible plants to other parts of the garden or to the allotment, yet there are numerous edible plants that are suited and deserve a place in more visible locations . Herbs, vegetables and even fruit can have their place in the ornamental garden because they serve their garden design principles of colour or shape or height orto provide structure to a garden. Fruitscape aims to show how edible plants can be incorporated into a garden whether suburban or urban.

Supporting the ideas around edible landscapes, Fruitscape offers support, advice, sundries such as codling moth traps and products related to composting and wildlife gardening

Why choose Fruitscape?

For many people the main reason for having a fruit tree is that it should produce good quality fruit.

Improper pruning can reduce the fruiting potential and cause unnecessary growth of your tree.
Calling upon 30 years of fruit growing experience you can be sure that the advice you receive will improve the fruit quality and the health of the tree